februari 3, 2023

Open Season

Is this art? When you walk around in a museum for modern art, you might catch yourself wondering about the meaning of the pieces every once […]
december 20, 2021

The Sky Is Yours

Just like that ‘normal life’ has started again. The summer of love has slowly proceeded into a reality of shorter and darker days, but this late […]
april 22, 2021

Up and running again

People who know me very well, know that I firmly believe in a capsule wardrobe. Invest in a selection of clothes and accessories that will last a […]
december 24, 2020

5 x mijn tips voor de feestdagen (en daarna)

De feestdagen komen eraan. Een periode van rennen, vliegen en hollen. Maar dit jaar: stilstaan. Voor sommigen dan. Waar de  thuiswerker voor zijn gevoel het huis uit moét om […]
september 2, 2020

New agent

New agent Thinking of new creative designs and forming one basic idea towards an actual product. I know my strengths. But I am just as aware […]
augustus 31, 2020


The plane lands. Everywhere around you see people wearing face masks. They try to stay away from each other as much as possible. It looks like […]
augustus 4, 2020


When you start a company, you might have some ideas about the future. Wishes and dreams, of which you might never know if they will happen […]
juni 3, 2020

New start

The terraces are reopening, the children are going back to school and we are allowed to get a haircut again. Many companies are slowly getting back to normal. […]
maart 27, 2020

Back to basics

Drinking a cup of coffee with a business partner. Bringing the children to school. Finishing a new design. Visiting my production company in Italy. Or as […]